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How it works

* Sender can have the gift certificate sent via email to the gift recipient. The Gift Certificate will be sent right after the purchase. Make sure delivery method is set to "Send this gift certificate by email". If sender would like to send a copy of the certificate to themselves, please fill in senders email, if not leave that option blank.

* Sender has the opportunity to print out and give the gift certificate directly to the recipient themselves. While filling out the Gift Card Instructor, the sender is to provide all information except the recipients email. The Gift Certificate will be sent immediately after purchase.

* Sender can request to have E&K Cleaning Service do a special Format and packaging of the Gift Certificate which will be sent from our office next business day. In the recipients email option, you will need to put in and also fill out the quick address information form for the recipient of where to send the gift certificate.


1. Will I be able to send the Gift Certificate directly to the recipient via email? Yes, if you check the first point on "How it works" you get a full explanation of this method.

2. Will I be to print out the Gift Certificate on my own so I can give the gift personally to the recipient? Yes, this method is explained in the second point of "How it works".

3. Does E&K Cleaning Service provide special types of format and packaging for the gifts? Yes, E&K Cleaning Service will use a special type of paper and envelope to send the gift certificate to the recipient. This method is also explained on the third option of "How it works".

4. If I have to cancel a Gift Certificate cleaning service, how long in advance of a notice does the service need? You may check for this information in our "Terms of Policy" located at the bottom of our home page.

5. What can I do if I received a gift certificate for only four hours of service and my home usually takes longer to clean then the four hours? We have a PDF format checklist available, which is located on the service tab which you can print out and check off the most important things you would like done in the four hours of service. Another option would be to pay additional $25.00 per each hour spent over the four hours of service.